Our Approach

The vision of MentorLife is to come alongside existing schools and ministries in the Grove Park area for the purpose of collective impact through mentoring.


MentorLife finds school and ministry partners who see the value of one-to-one mentoring and we discover, train, and gift mentors to those partners.


MentorLife is a community based mentor program. With this model the mentoring relationship is established primarily through the family.  Parents are involved and mentoring takes place where life happens.  Mentors and mentees become a meaningful part of each others lives.   

The commitment for a MentorLife mentor is a 2 year minimum commitment. The hope is that the relationship will go well beyond the two years required. The two years is a minimum requirement intended to discover high-quality committed mentors.


For the first 3 months mentor meets with the mentee each week.  The requirement after that is for the mentor to spend time thier mentee at least 3 times a month.  We find this to be the minimum time necessary for the mentoring relationship to be meaningful.